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released May 13, 1996



all rights reserved


Ripsnorter Minneapolis, Minnesota

RIPSNORTER: adj; archaic slang: a violently energetic or noisily outspoken person; something extreme; something or some person of extraordinary violence or power; someone of exceptional merit or quality. See also: punk rock-n-roll band based in Minneapolis, MN. ... more

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Track Name: Dependence

You don’t see the positive side of life
You need a reason for happiness
The love and hate swells through my veins
Yet you don’t see this

You feel that’s how life goes on
You don’t give me time of my own
You place your life into my hands
Over one decision

Learn to like yourself for what you are
Leave the past behind and you’ll go far
Only you can live your life
And time has almost caught you

You must try to take a step on your own
The crutch you use is out of patience
What is given is so one-sided
You needed to know
Track Name: Box of Culture
Box of Culture

The violence today
Comes from that little box
It shows us the way out
Of our dead end lives

It fills us with vast information
All edited for their protection
It won’t let us think
For ourselves

Box of culture
Show me life and happiness
Box of culture
Don’t let me think, control my mind

All the news of the world
Comes to us each night
So do the violent streets
To survive you’ve got to fight

Day after day
We escape form our life
To the visions of western culture
Coming from that little box

Box of culture
Show me life and happiness
Box of culture
Don’t let me think, control my mind
Track Name: Change

During those times of trouble
Precious things become rubble
When your mind is in a state
When you must obliterate

Take control of your own life
It’s time for change
Only you can make things right
Make those changes today

The big bad world’s right outside
There’s no way to run and hide
Make a stand don’t fall down
In the past is where the pain belongs

Take control of your own life
It’s time for change
Only you can make things right
Make those changes today
Track Name: War at Home
War at Home

So you’re back from overseas
Can’t you see the misery
Families are living on the street
They have no home and nothing to eat

All your promises turn to lies
You turn your back and ignore their cries
Your feeble programs don’t do much
It gives the illusion that you keep in touch

Money for the needy goes to military
Space for the homeless goes to industry
Priorities are all fucked up in the u.s.a.
Citizens should run the country
That’s the final say

During a recession we go to war
The guys in the office turn their backs on the poor
Maybe the problem has some value
Domestic issues have some too

Foreign policy is your excuse
If it doesn’t make a profit then to you it’s no use
The next war might be in your country
If you keep ignoring the people’s basic needs
Track Name: Snap

Fire and rage burning through my head
Pressure building up and feelings of dread
Violent visions surging through my brain
While adrenaline rushes through my veins

You look into my eyes and see that i am gone
Somethings got a hold and it won’t let go
You try to pull me back
But i’m way too far gone
I’m gone i’ve gone away i’ve snapped

You think that you know someone
And they change before your eyes
That thing inside of me has fought and it has won
It’s turned me into something that you despise

The same straw that broke the camels’ back
Is the exact same straw that makes people snap
I don’t know what’s going through my mind
So many thoughts can be unkind
Too many things pent up inside
It’s way too late for me to confide
I’m all torn up on the inside
Now you can see through all my lies
Track Name: Reality

The dust from your past
Sweep it away
Under the rug
You’ve nowhere to stand
When the rug is pulled
From under your feet
It’s hiding, waiting, and watching
It all comes crashing down on you

It beats you right into the ground
It kicks you when you are down
It comes right down on you
Everything around you comes unglued

There’s no escape no way out
There’s not one thing to set you free
You can run but you can’t hide
Reality is all around ‘till the day you die

So fantasize, idealize
But then you have to realize
That reality is waiting just outside
And the scars are too deep to hide

In this mad reality
Track Name: Living with a Grudge
Living With a Grudge

Living in the past
Keeps us from moving forward
No communication will keep it up
Until we’re dead
Guilt has no sympathy for your tears of regret
To live with this is up to us
In god’s eyes our lives are set

Make the contact it’s up to you
You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do
When judgement comes were all the same
We only have ourselves to blame

A petty reasons no reason to hate
In meeting with death we all have our dates
The travel is easier without the load
To swallow our pride we must be bold

It’s easier to face tomorrow
When yesterday is left behind
One is quick to give up
When life brings us a bind

Without effort nothings done
Its up to you to end the grief
A civil gesture will bring relief
Track Name: First Reminisce
First Reminisce

My past it smiles at me
A glimpse of what it used to be
A past screaming to see inside
The blind intentions of my mind

The future so far ahead
The past a scroll i’ve read
Knowing what used to be
And wishing for it back

Faces ramble through my head
Of all the opportunities i’ve missed
Grasping, clutching for it all
My ignorance seemed bliss

My reminiscing i never had
I grasp for to the back of my mind
My hoping for a future bright
I don’t want to miss out again

Go now move on with it
It’s too late to go back now
Memories planted still remain
But there always more to gain
Track Name: Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow Never Comes

Stop and look around
Before life passes you by
Value each experience
Don’t push new ones aside
Always look straight ahead
Don’t stray in the past
Life was meant to live
Not to be wasted away

Don’t put things off until tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes
Now is the time
Because tomorrow never comes

Life goes by so fast
Then it fades away
All of today’s activities
Are tomorrow’s memories
When we’re overcome with age
We’ll look back upon our youth
We only have one life to live
Right now we’re making the future
Track Name: Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short

Never mind what was said
In a hundred years we’ll both be dead
So live it up have a good time
Don’t you know you could be the next in line

Life’s too short
To think about it think about it
Life’s too short
The futures never known
Life’s too short
To think about it think about it
Life’s too short
To worry about yesterday

So you’re girlfriend left you
And now you’re life’s a tragedy
But then again a year ago
You had a different girl between the sheets

So take a look at what we’ve said
And take a look at wat you’re doing
Don’t think about what could of happened
Don’t think about what might have been
Track Name: Narrow Confines
Narrow Confines

So you’ve got the hair
And the hardened glare
But who the fuck are you trying to scare
Is your goal in life to become a jade
Or do you really want to bring about change

You can’t hang with me
Because i’m not a part of your clique
Well that’s all right
I don’t really give a shit

Pain and fear is
What i see in your eyes
Is it really worth it
To go and despise
Everything that’s outside
The narrow confines
Of your mind

That group ain’t cool enough
The other’s just fucked up
There seems no end
To your list of reasons why
You choose to set
Your petty schism aside
It looks to me
Like you’re just trying to hide
Track Name: Taking of Innocence
Taking of Innocence

Selfish needs overrule them
Violate her innocence
Be a man even if it scars
A moment of weakness at her expense

He is evil out for himself
At the cost of everything he gets what he wants
Heartless lust passion is gone
Tears fall in fear all trust is lost

Tasting blood tears fall in fear
Violate her virgin fear
Falling of darkness penetrations near
Pain so great penetrations here

Torture is over confusion builds up
Life has no meaning love does not exist
Pray for death to take its toll
Pray for death for the taking of innocence